if i should leave this world before you do..

haha. i wrote a note-to-someone-in-case-i-die today. inspired by a dream i had. hmm. think maybe if i’m bored i’d be adding more letters/notes/whatever to it. for more people.

sure, it’s a morbid thought, but hey, it’d probably enable me to leave this world with less regrets should a freak accident happen to me one day. unless terrorists bomb this house or something, which would destroy the notes i’d penned, but yeah.

哥>> for future reference, in case of anything, they’d be in the drawers underneath that little tv in my room. =)


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  1. *stares*

    LOUIS TAN. this is absolutely freaky. i think we’re telepathic. just last night, i wrote my own will and have written one (of the many intended) of the ‘just in case’ letters to people.



  2. -stares back-

    you… you… you… copycat! =P

    why do you want a will anyway? i was pondering that, then i figured most of everything should go back to my family since well it was all bought with their money. kinda.

  3. you two are so morbid…


  4. probably why we got along pretty well ever since sec3, huh =P

  5. hmm. actually i was thinking of doing that. not really letters to people, but more of how i want to die. like cremated, burnt etc. and also how i want to be dressed in the coffin. heh. not really letters, but ive thought of who i want to see and what to tell them before i die. been thinking about this for very long already.maybe i shld write it out after the As..

  6. so is that what the two of you talk about?

    how you’d like to be buried?
    the latest happenings in the funeral scene?
    going on qin ming jie outings or whatever it is? ;-p


  7. i hereby conclude i’ve got paranoid blog readers.

    let’s form a club or something! haha.

  8. no ah. some stuff were given to me, and i want them to go to certain people. something like that.

    lance<– we *could* die any day, you know. it's better to be prepared.


  9. it’s an interesting idea. and i have to say i have considered doing it before.
    but then.. mm.


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