ns enlistment – 6th jan.

shucks! no more relief teaching.


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  1. erm.. on a different note altogether, that’s my birthday! heh. but anyway, yea, 6th jan is soooo soon. like only 1 month after your As that you have to be enlisted..

  2. i’d try to sing u a silent bday song in my head while taking the whatever nsman’s oath then =P

    haiyah dun remind me on how soon it is! wasted, can’t do stuff next year… haiyor. oh well. whatever will be.

  3. if u rush, u might b able to get ur license b4 u enlist. given ur potential vocations in the army, passing the test after enlistment shldn’t b that big a prob anyway.


  4. so, what’re my potential vocations anyway? i only know of clerk. haha. i’ve heard of some assistants at the ocs bar too. apparently they get to play pool with the cadets or something. haha.

  5. why, what’s your pes?

  6. i noe of 2 guys who were the same status as you. both of them ended up doing their ns as clerks or smething at gombak, MINDEF.

  7. huh…what kind of condition would put you in pes e, but with the possibility of being upgraded later?

    uhm, if it isn’t personal / sth unfit for public consumption. ;-)

  8. e! 5+1/2 day induction. larlarlar. but may be upgraded after 12 months. then i’d be training with JUNIORS. ick. imagine… running, doing pullups, bathing with those same pesky twerps running around vj now? eeep.


  9. hyperthyroidism. go look it up if u’re interested =P

    hmmph. might be upgraded if i’m fine when they review it later. maybe i should quit the medicine. haha.

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