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oh no. i’d be having a st nick’s girl living with me from next year on. this is terrible! =P

yeah, the uniform’s a little big, but i suppose she’d grow into it.



while nowhere as entertaining as happy tree friends, i’ve just discovered symbolman! check out the stuff at the left column, think they’re pretty artistically done.

happy tree friends paradise!

and just when you thought that was all… i think these are all the episodes for the season or something! think the scariest things is that apparently the target demographic is… kids…

and of course they may just want to spook ppl like me? hopefully =P

(if you get crappy ads like for tekken tag, just click on it, close the popup, and click the original window to resume)

01. Spin Fun Knowin’ Ya!
02. House Warming
03. Helping Helps
04. Crazy Ant-ics
05. Havin’ a Ball
06. Nuttin’ Wrong with Candy!
07. Pitchin’ Impossible
08. Wheelin’ and Dealin’
09. Stayin’ Alive
10. Off the Hook
11. Mime and Mime Again
12. Water You Wading For?
13. This is Your Knife
14. Treasure These Idol Moments
15. Snow What? That’s What!
16. Chip Off the ol’ Block
17. Nuttin’ but the Tooth
18. Tongue Twister Trouble
19. Meat Me for Lunch
20. You’re Bakin’ Me Crazy!
21. Boo Do You Think You Are?
22. Hide and Seek
23. Sweet Ride
24. It’s a Snap!
25. Spare Me
26. Happy Trails


*cardiac arrest*



i’m not sure if i’ve mentioned this before, but i’m addicted to delifrance’s crab/mayo croissants. mmmmmmmm.

i’m getting seriously pudgy. =(

toy shop

i think i should have better things to do (study study study) than to be selling stuff on ebay…

the world's a scary place

u noe, with all the madness going on in the world right now, wonder if i should go abroad to study =P

hope it’s a nicer world in 3 years’ time.


wow. for all those with a large mp3 collection, i recommend this programme called mp3gain. what it basically does is to automatically adjust all your mp3s until their volumes are approximately equal. to put it simplistically. and it does this not by peak-volume normalisation, but (i think) rms normalisation… to put it not so simply. also, it’s fast! i think.

the downloading is a pain though, think you’d have to get from the russian mirror site, and kinda guess which file is which… look at the filename i guess. first or second link should work!

if i should leave this world before you do..

haha. i wrote a note-to-someone-in-case-i-die today. inspired by a dream i had. hmm. think maybe if i’m bored i’d be adding more letters/notes/whatever to it. for more people.

sure, it’s a morbid thought, but hey, it’d probably enable me to leave this world with less regrets should a freak accident happen to me one day. unless terrorists bomb this house or something, which would destroy the notes i’d penned, but yeah.

哥>> for future reference, in case of anything, they’d be in the drawers underneath that little tv in my room. =)

more digital photography

there’re surely better things to do (like chem) than playing with my camera at this time of night, but anyway. more updates. after playing with the white balance and more shutter speed options, i’ve managed to kinda simulate daylight photography at 10:40pm. WITHOUT FLASH! it’s not perfect, but pretty cool nevertheless =)

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the scene at night.

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the spy photo.

disadvantages being with such a low shutter speed (to get more light in), i can’t shake the camera too much (i had the railing as support and it’s still blurred), but can’t be bothered with a tripod. not at that standard. yet. and the colour’s also still a bit off, but well digital colour correction can only go so far…

anyway, these settings look like they’d be useful for sdd =)