went like sdd-clothes-browsing today. jeez, how do girls find the stamina?

went with meiling and one of her friends (lihui, was it? think she’s one of your ex-classmates, weiyi. if you ever read this). wow. basically they dragged me around to their preferred shops and delighted at dressing me up. i bet this is just their grown-up version of playing with dolls and changing their clothes… haha… then there was a time we were at some place where the thing was totally out of my budget but they kinda insisted i try it anyway blah!

i think i’d be going for something which looks quite casual lor. very, in fact. may be too casual, but heck lah. think it’s pretty comfy. and no way i’d be one of those necktie-wearing clones walking around on that night…


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  1. Hee, I’ve been dragged ard. Dun worry i know how it feels like. My whole wardrobe in the US has basically been changed …. if u open my wardrobe at home u’ll see all the polo Ts dat i took up to US last yr and were deemed “unacceptable”. =P


  2. wow. haha does that mean i’d get to use them as my own?

    -goes peruse-

  3. one good thing with having girls do your shopping for you is that you can usually bet they’d have better taste than you. plus you have someone to blame if you can’t carry it off.

    as for not being a “necktie-wearing clone”, well, there’s always a propeller [ bowtie ] to set you apart! ;-p


  4. oh yeah btw, lihui’s the MRS of hwa chong…

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