these hwa chong people!

quoted from a friend.

“I believe I can drive that point home… you know what MAF is to HC? Kind of like the big annual party in HC… anyway, this year, someone spread the rumour that you had to turn up in school uniform or you wouldn’t be allowed in…

And people believed it.”

grin. must be the large proportion of people-who-used-to-wear-khaki-shorts. ooops. larlarlar.


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  1. what does MAF stand for?

    and i resent that. i used to wear khaki shorts in primary school. i demand a clarification! :-p

  2. hahahahhaAHhahahahahhah red fbt shorts too hahahahahhahah

    oops. mew! your sister’s drawing is so cute!!!! better than mine.. gack =p

  3. I BEG YOUR PARDON MR CLARENCE TAN K0K WEE LOUIS!!!!!! WHAT’S WITH THE DISCRIMINATION???? Waahahahaha… anyway maf is mid-autumn festival… ITs a big event held in huazhong every year!

  4. yeah it’s mid-autumn fest.

    you wore khaki? wow. which school? drat, i just realised i did too… in nanyang.

    a qualification, then – people-who-used-to-wear-khaki-shorts-in-secondary-school (i was aiming for a little ambiguity there, but oh well this term doesn’t eliminate the vs ppl either).

    ooops, have i just kinda arrived at which school i was talking about? =P

  5. grin. must be the large proportion of people-who-used-to-wear-khaki-shorts. ooops. larlarlar.

    hahhahahahahahahhaaha. that was mean. but funny. VERY funny. lol. but i think its mroe of the tightness than anything else. if you get what i mean. oops. hope there isnt any tchs people around.

  6. -points to entry above yours-

    you know this guy called carey loy? s1. yeah he’s a tchs-ian. luckily you’re anonymous huh =)

    oh well not that i think you have anything to worry from their likes, even if they DID know who you were…

    *excessive guy-school-rivalry-syndrome in action*

  7. oh my god, they even use the hanyu pinyin of hwa chong! *points and gawks* ;-p

  8. huh? u mean he reads ur blog too? yea, i know who he is. u moved house or something? see you on 55 quite often lately. or have u alwaya been taking 55.

  9. you were on 55 today? *gasp* didn’t notice haha was trying to sleep.

    well i live relatively close to bishan, but the main reason i go there is that it’s my source of… err… *special edition budget games*. from a shop we at ri know like the back of our hands (even if it’s relocated since our sec4 days)…

    haha. kinda sad, huh? =P

  10. yea, i was just behind you. haha.. ic.
    sigh, it’s so boring online.

  11. Hmm… its technically wrong you see to use hwa chong coz… its not the correct trasnslation of hua zhong in english it would be something like the chinese high junior college…. that would be more accurate wahahahahahah……..

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