Monthly Archives: August 2002

bad bad bad

this is bad. i’m getting overconfident for prelims. somehow, studying the morning of the exam and emerging from each paper fully confident i’d be getting more than 50% is too… well, comforting. at this rate i won’t be studying much for a-levels.

hope i get shitty results for prelims. that should shock me a little. like that time i got 13 for l1r5 for the sec4 mock prelims.

the good news, however, is that prelims are over till after the hols. yay!



gosh. this is one movie i want to catch. from the same guy who did truman show and gattaca. go check out the site! the trailer anyway. even if you’re on narrowband. watch the low quality version. it’s still good.

plus, you gotta love the movie poster =p

SG Release Date: 19 Sep 2002


who am i kidding, i do enjoy boasting. when i have something to boast of anyway. and i’m quite proud of how i think i’m gonna do well for physics after studying approx 5h for it. yay. although i couldn’t finish on time because i had to go toilet halfway. bugger. i’d better get some bowel suppressants for a-levels…

of course, the reason i’m logging on at this ungodly hour is because i’m cramming chemistry last-minute. isn’t going well, though. it’s much easier with physics. i’m not gonna finish the syllabus for chem this time. sigh. oh well, at least it’s only paper 2.

(i bet all ye me-haters will just laugh ur heads off if i do badly in physics and econs. bleah. WELL! i just won’t let that happen, will i)


instead of going on to specifics for each paper (remarkably, i’m surviving, though i fully expect to sink with chem and maths coming up soon), i’d talk about my general state of studying so far.

it stinks!

i mean, for both econs and physics so far, i’ve started studying around midnight till morning. on the day of the exam itself. gosh. that’s horrible. that’s common test standard! and i didn’t really do well for common tests huh. haha. hmm. the funniest thing is, i want to be a teacher.

wonder which of my tutors actually has a ‘secret slacker past’ and never talks about it ‘cos it’s obviously bad influence =)

cheating death

haha. econs was remarkably okay today. remarkable considering how i spotted precisely 4 topics and started studying at 12am yesterday. today. whatever. and slept from 2-4 only. haha. funny, i’m not THAT tired right now. hmm.


that’s it. internet access shall be stringent from now on till sept hols at least. and hopefully even then. cos there’s still studying to be done =(


blah. just recovered (kinda) from a bad bout of diarrhoea. food poisoning? maybe. whatever it was, i still have it. a little. which means i’m on sucky food.


at least i got to skip gp. wait, i haven’t figured yet if that was good or bad. probably bad, though. not something i would have preferred to skip (as opposed to, say, econs essay…) but. oh well. that’s life.


grrr. i’ve kinda just realised why pe shorts are so freaking short. and trackers wear stuff which are even shorter.

wore relatively long shorts (shorter than berms, longer than shorts) (whatever they’re called. or maybe just short berms) and did my napfa today. 2.4 included.

kinda obvious that it was a bad choice, now that i think back on it. stupidity! sigh. ouch, it hurts. =P


it feels quite sucky being scolded in the lt in front of your entire faculty (most of it, anyway) for something you think is quite small. such as missing your napfa retest. which you know you’re gonna do worse for than previously anyway.

heh heh

haha think this site is hilarious… basically allows you to build your own ‘south park’-styled characters… haha. quite fun. did something which vaguely represents me i guess. the bored look. grin.