same here

think i need to learn how to lie better

me – yeah, i had diarrhoea yesterday.
doctor – how many times today?
me – uh, once.
doctor – (weird look) umm. okay, then why are you here today?
me – (sheepish) see, i need a chit for today.
doctory – (disapproving look) oh. i see. what’d you have today that you wanted to miss?


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  1. haha that reminds me of the mc i got for college day. it was pretty the same.

    doc: what’s wrong with u?
    me: headache last night.
    doc: (took my blood pressurë) are u under alot of stress lately?
    me: erm, not really.
    me: (trying to make myself sounds more pathetic and sick) oh, and i’ve been feeling very giddy every now and then (which is true, anaemic.)
    doc: oh, that’s very common. nothing unsual.
    me: oh.
    -doc writes the prescription.-
    me: erm.. can i have an mc?
    – the cat is out of the bag-
    doc: (frowns slightly) u have school today?
    me: yah, later in the afternoon.
    doc: then y didn’t u go?
    me: erm, it’s college day.
    hands me the mc.
    -went straight out of the clinic without even collecting the “medicine”.-

    scary.. never gonna lie to a doctor to get an mc again.. *shudders*

  2. hmm. i’ve never done it, so i was just wondering if doctors will still give you an mc even if they know you’re lying? have you ever been turned down?

  3. blink. hey, what happened to consultation fees!?!? you mean you got a FREE MC!?!! cheat!

  4. oh, i went to the polyclinic opposite my house. and u have to pay the consultation fees before seeing the doc. and if i had collected the medicine, i’ll have to pay for the medicine as well. which explains why i left without collecting. i’m not that much of a cheat la..

    haha and i wanted to return here to identify myself but didnt expect responses to be up so soon. yan here, anyway.

  5. according to certain *sources*, apparently it’s pretty simple. i’ve only done it this once myself, of course. ahem ahem. HONEST! but anyway yah i think it’s only like this because we’re missing school… think that they’d be more merciless if you’re trying to absent yourself from work…

    (makes me wonder if i’d be able to get MCs from future doctor-friends if i really need a day off or something)

  6. OH!! and i paid $8 for that mc. argh. it should have been $4 but i forgot to bring my student pass. tsk.

  7. yeah i’m beginning to match you people by IP address from the long-ago who’s who marathon =P gah i need a polyclinic near my house too. the consultation fees at nearest clinic (Thomson Medical Centre!) are. exorbitant. to say the least.

    but i suppose that’d discourage me from doing it more often than i already have…

  8. yea, my first time too. i was scared stiff. but anyway, we’re also paying them in the process right? oh, which reminds me, i tried getting an mc few years back when i was GENUINELY sick. then the doc was rather unwilling and said the government gave orders that they should stop giving mcs for school. and asked my parents to write a letter instead. but she still gave me the mc in the end. wierd.

  9. haha, col.

    must keep this in mind then…although i suppose i won’t really have occasion for it anymore. oh, the things i wish i had known earlier.

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