Monthly Archives: July 2002

budding artist

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haha my sister drew this. i’m displaying this totally without her permission, but i doubt she’d ever find out so heck. haha. think it’s very cute and amusing anyway.

oh, anyway i was puzzled by that mess of thingy underneath the flag. she explained it as ‘a cake to celebrate singapore’s birthday’. how cute! gosh. i could drop dead in amusement.


so little time

gasp. realised that i’m going for rj drama feste this thursday. which means less time to study! sigh. have to buy stuff too. more time gone. sigh. think it’d be worth it, of course – friends always are. but still. argh! better study more first then.

wait, wasn’t i thinking that around 2h ago…


wow. it’s monday and i’m preparing for the maths common test this saturday. will wonders never cease?

guess that getting ranked 811/813 in the college in the last maths test was an effective enough wakeup call =P

random thought of the day

prepare to be grossed.

was just wondering, does dandruff ever occur in the nether regions?


rain rain

i’m drenched. heavy rain at my place now. haha actually i quite like rain. drip drip drip. standing in the rain. is pretty cool. though the stupid lightning caused my power to trip twice earlier.


in case you actually know what my email address is, here’s a clarification. the thingy in my email is pronounced ‘giraffe’. as in, like the animal. not like jee-rough-fee or watever. it’s just a simple corruption of the spelling lah.

now i wonder who wanted to know THAT =P


GOSH i can’t understand mothers. first she tells me not to get angry, she wants to discuss something. fine. then she asks me if i would marry a non-virgin (apparently thinks i’m approaching *that age* wow yes).

so since apparently she wants a frank discussion i told her that i would mind but then considering all other things (the most important one being the love factor) i will probably still marry the girl. then she was rather unhappy about it.

then blahblahblah fastforward she goes back to her room to sleep. i’d thought discussion over. then she comes out again and says something stupid and spiteful along the lines of, “you know what if you really don’t mind i can help you advertise to those available non-virgins out there, and i’m sure you’d have a lot of suitors then.”

i mean. WHAT THE HECK!?!?! what the crap does that have to do with anything. i was really really angry at the point in time (suppose i still am now). in fact if she wasn’t my mum i would have used the strongest obscenities i knew on her. still kinda feel like it in fact.

go for the chest.

hoora! after deciding to, in yet another fit of boredom, experiment a little with my copy of counter-strike, i’ve discovered that the recoil of the weapon will cause you to shoot above the intended target. which means, when holding down my mouse button to kill people, aim for the chest after the initial 3 or so shots.

yay. i wonder how many of you care. haha.

same here

think i need to learn how to lie better

me – yeah, i had diarrhoea yesterday.
doctor – how many times today?
me – uh, once.
doctor – (weird look) umm. okay, then why are you here today?
me – (sheepish) see, i need a chit for today.
doctory – (disapproving look) oh. i see. what’d you have today that you wanted to miss?

ikea goods

yawn. i’m supposed to be studying now. but instead i got really bored and decided to complete that half-assembled set of ikea drawers which was lying around (blocking the passageway in my room actually) my mum had bought to replace the spoiled one. which looks more or less the same actually. as you can see.

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you know what, my productivity actually does rise just before the exams. just that whether or not the rise in productivity is due to studying is… another thing altogether.