Monthly Archives: June 2002

test report

finished maths really early today. although that’s because i totally didn’t study for it and haven’t been listening to lectures this year and thus completed the paper in less than an hour. note that by completing the paper i mean i did the questions on complex numbers and vectors and read the rest and went, like, ?!?? in my head.

anyway, the end result was that i had a heck lot of time on my hands and started counting the marks, doodling on the question paper, and finally when i thought i wouldn’t irritate the ppl behind me too much since they’d surely misconstrue (and go things like WAH SO SMART! when i’m actually guaranteed an F), i slept.


oh, physics was quite okay. which is definitely a good thing, especially since i’d ‘studied’ most of it within 2 hours this morning.


another friday (sat morning actually) update

i wish i’d just study more. hai.

how to get comments

i was looking at the posts i’ve had recently (which is like in the last few months), and kinda figured out how to get replies. they have to be something which grabs people’s attentions really well (like pimples? and computers? sigh.) so. here’s a little experiment to get replies to a post. i’ve heard that you shouldn’t tell people it’s an experiment if you’re conducting an experiment, but heck, rules were meant to be broken weren’t they.


of course, this would be a very sad flop if everyone’s really studying. sob. don’t disappoint me, people!

radio silence

was just wondering suddenly. if, when the others stop updating their online journals for long periods of time, they’re
1) bored of updating or
2) have nothing to update about.

or the most likely (and scary),
3) they’re studying.

more criminal tips

(formulated after watching tv) for the would-be blackmailer… if you have irrefutable evidence that someone’s a murderer, please don’t make arrangements to meet him alone in a secluded carpark.

how to be a criminal

have i mentioned? apparently the burglar/robber person has been apprehended.

conclusion – crime only pays if you don’t go repeating the same crime over and over again using the same MO and getting caught.

wait wait

my bro’s coming back in approximately 2 days! yay. can’t wait. partially because he’s holding on to lots of stuff i’d bought and told to ship to his address. but of course that’s not why i’m so excited. i miss him! (the last three words were added since he reads this journal now and then. i think. heh.)

aiyah okay lah a bit lah really lah. but i’m really looking forward to a durian feast the next few days yay!

drip. drip.

eeew. i hate my prescription eyedrops. my eyes have been going red for the past few weeks consistently so i went to the doc (waste of money, i know, but my mum and admittedly myself were getting concerned that it might be something -serious-, and going from perfect eyesight to no eyesight wasn’t something i really wanted) who prescribed some eyedrops which came in a realy SMALL little container.

i think of it as the nuke.

because like a few minutes after i dripped a drop into each eye, the red started going away. the only problem (quite bad too) is that i get some funny taste in my mouth after using them. yes, my MOUTH. weird huh. my friend speculates that it’s because the eyes, nose and mouth are all linked underneath our skin. which kinda makes sense.

fyi the nuke eyedrops taste bitter. really. icky.

and i miss you. like the deserts miss the rain.

    i chanced upon a rose one day
  i reached for it, my hand it bled

    i chanced upon a rose one day
      i stared at it, my heart it snared

i chanced upon a rose one day
i wish i never had.

nuke the reds?

gosh. i’m really disgusted at how callous people can be. like this guy at the vj forum.