Monthly Archives: May 2002


off to sentosa. slacking time!


Nokia 6510

okay okay, so i did splurge on a replacement phone. so sue me. on a pleasant note though, i -am- using some of the more advanced features which i didn’t think i’d be using, such as the upgraded phonebook.

open house 2001

guess what popped up from my winamp’s random playlist…

hmm. before the recent senior-junior adhoc meeting, there hasn’t really been going on with the group since like… last year? kinda a pity, i think. i used to think that the core group got along pretty well.

hahaha then again i used to think many many things. guess i finally figured out that it’s all kind of pointless, and needlessly stressful.

episode ii

haha. i watched episode 2 twice already. actually it wasn’t really that great that i watched it a second time, mostly i wanted to try out the big screen at gv grand. plus the action sequences were really kinda cool. go jedi!

anyway, i think the big screen’s pretty good for some scenes in the show, especially the high-speed first-person-view scenes, i really felt some adrenaline rush when anakin was ripping through coruscant airspace in his speeder. whoah.

the love story, though, was DEFINITELY a drag. gosh. i’m wondering what type of romance george lucas had, to come up with that crap. then again, i guess real-life relationships just aren’t the stuff people want to see in their movies.


haha playing around with some livejournal options

BOO! yay just learnt how to use <lj-cut>.

the full story of my handphone!

1) it’s registered under my brother
2) he’s in america coming back >4 weeks later
3) my line is suspended for 4 weeks after which it’d be terminated
4) if terminated it’d be counted as ‘breaking bond’ which is $300.
5) my brother needs to be present to unsuspend the phone



the house was burgled this morning.

just how exciting does life get?

nail clippings

guitar concert’s over! yay. although that means that in vj, my only official responsibility is now studies. ick.

quite often, people have been asking why my right hand fingernails were so long… well it’s for playing guitar. i guess there was no need to keep them as long as i did this time, but i didn’t want to clip them cos i have this tendency to cut them too short, and i figured too long is better than too short…

yah anyway haha my fingernails are of normal length now. whee.


chem test and guitar concert in a couple of hours. this is. rather stressful.

i think most people don’t even realise that the second event is actually making me feel jittery.

chem chem

oh look another friday update! except that it’s actually saturday now since it’s past midnight. anyway just to announce that i’m almost (not quite, since i studied a little) as screwed for chem as i was for econs… which i totally didn’t study for, and totally screwed up. how does a ‘f’ sound to you?

better start by june… or else… i’m dead…