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haha this horribly posed shot is so extremely corny that i love it. oh it’s not my idea either so don’t condemn me for this. heh. still.

(for the slower ones, i’m -stepping down- in that picture. laugh now.)

well, invest’s finally gone by. the active students’ council is now the nineteenth. xviii is, in name, officially history now. don’t really know what to make of it… as expected, there are mixed feelings. i guess the reasons are pretty obvious, so i won’t dwell on that.

last night was pretty fun though. we stayed over, even though we (the seniors) weren’t involved in the preparation much… took a lot of silly photos (like this one). climbed the roof. stuff like that… oh yeah. the burglar alarm went off yesterday too, and the police had to come down to turn it off… interesting. actually it was vaguely worrying since our teacher in charge was ill and had went home so we were kinda unsure if there’d be complications, but apparently everything turned out okay.

actually i think all the events are still quite clear in my head… and my thoughts are kinda in turmoil over everything. so i dunno what exactly to say. since mere factual recounts aren’t fun. so.

when one has nothing to say, one says nothing.


Transformers DVD

WHOOHOO transformers has been released on dvd! coolness. not since the movie was released on dvd have i been so happy about something regarding the series… okay fine i’m pretty happy with all the reissue toys too haha but that’s a different matter. anyway i’ve ordered one set of the first season already… yay!


investiture is coming… stepping down soon. there’s this funny feeling, aside from a general reluctance to step down, because… 40 is just not equal to 41.

full circle

hahahaha think i have this day with friday updates. because that’s when i can mention how little i’ve studied for the common test coming up the next day. namely maths – i’ve briefly gone through one topic thus far, and it’s an easy one – inequalities. think i’m dead.

on a good note though, my disaster of studying last week managed to get me third placing in class again. never mind that my class’s physics is quite pathetic, never mind that i dropped a grade from the last test, it’s still vaguely ego-boosting.

HAH! so much for consistent work, mr lee! (if only he actually figures out that making me do those silly tutorials does little except make me dislike the subject more)


so much for a week’s worth of studying. left with 3/4 of the tested topics to complete right now. think i’d wake at 4 later to do it lah… sleep time!

WANTED! dead only.

Image Hosted by

haha bored again after trying (not very hard though) to study more physics. here’s the monstrosity of my filing system. i have this set of drawers at home where i chuck my notes (and other stuff) but it got kinda full so there’s a separate stack on my desk behind the computer now. and boy, is that stack growing.

reason i’m mentioning this is i had to go through these two stacks to take out my physics notes just now (had been relying on friends’ notes previously), wasting lots of time (and effort), so i’d like to display these irritating monsters for everyone to recognise and kill on sight.

lots and lots of songs

there must be something weird about having 111h 8min worth of mp3. funny how often i hear some of them on my winamp, each song has approx 0.06% chance of being played… oh well.

gun control

wow. interesting story pertaining to gun-control here. almost (but not quite) changes my opinions on the topic.


Almond Roca

hahaha super-bored now (what do you expect after having done homework AND studied a little?) and thought there weren’t enough pictures on this thing so here’s one. just a suggestion on what gift to give me if you should be unable to think of anything -grin- i think almond roca is DELICIOUS! yummy.

gosh, this looks like an advertisment for a product huh. oh well.


i was feeling really cocky and confident yesterday while studying for physics (something i almost never do, definitely never FIVE whole days before the actual test itself) and was thinking myself that i could easily get an 80 for it if i continued studying at that rate.

then today i was looking at the physics notice board and noted that for the previous common test, 80 was ranked a pathetic 76th (or so) in the college.

so much for grand ambitions. haha.