Monthly Archives: March 2002


was reading more about the israel-palestine conflict today. it seems just plain stupid to me, but i guess there’s a lot more to it in reality… i’ve always had a simplified view of the world.

just this simple question had me stumped. in such an imperfect world, what’s a government to do in response to acts of violence against its country, other than retaliate? i suppose if you’re an individual it’s all very well to adhere to a philosophy of non-violence and just get killed, but as a government you’re responsible for… millions? of lives… so what to do?

hmm. tough.



something one of my voyeuristic teachers asked me (he reads this! shame on you, getting vicarious thrills from delving into the weblogs of hapless teenagers =P) led me to wonder… just why am i blogging?

well, i guess the main reason would be that for me this is a diary, and since i happen to use the computer so much it’s more convenient for me to do it electronically than in written form.

that leaves the question of why make the diary accessible to the general public. i guess… well, i can’t speak for others, but i suppose it’s just so i can say whatever i want without fearing that i will bore the audience (cos u can just jolly well yawn and scoot if you wanted to!)

hmm. sounds pretty logical to me. or maybe not. i dunno.

ah remembered wat i wanted to say liao

i think one of the ways to prevent unhappiness is to avoid thinking too much. especially since (for me anyway) i tend to think more of pessimistic stuff when i’m idle. so… distractions! ps2 games work fine. grin. homework doesn’t really seem to work, in fact it kinda worsens conditions. haha… i think it’s probably why i’m rather obsessed with sp letters and stuff nowadays… a way to use up my time aside from thinking about life, the universe, and everything.

memory of a goldfish

grrrr. had a thought in my head but delayed too long before recording it down so can’t remember what it was now… irritating. hate it when this type of thing happens!


oh crap i still have the guitar concert(s) to practise for… vj’s and maybe ri’s. the latter seems a bit unconfirmed right now. hopefully i’d be able to play more fun stuff… haven’t really been doing that for awhile. maybe it’s because i’m nowhere as close to the vj guitar people as the ri guitar ones or the vj councillors…

council term is ending…

i’m starting to feel that ‘oh no the end is coming’ sensation which apparently everyone else felt strongly on elects camp nite… after orientation 2 bonfire, and what happens? we get to go have dinner together… basically slacking… no clearing up… enjoyable break after so long, but feels really funny! hahaha… never thought… i’d be complaining that i’m slacking.

thinking on the projects left… there’s really nothing… except maybe painting our last banner. which i truly suck at. banner-painting. sigh. would love to contribute to this last thing, but… i’m banned from paintbrushes =P maybe i can emulsify! heh heh.

i think the juniors are not starting at the same level of group dynamics as my batch did last year, but i think that the ongoing council projects will help bring them up… even small mini things like intra council… yup.

go 19th.


there was this point in time recently when i kind of broke down because i felt that i simply could not go on surviving in therealworld which differs so much from myidealworld, but that’s over now and the week has been relatively normal (normaler than the past few weeks anyway). plus one of my council juniors who i relatively like who was posted to another jc managed to get back in through appeal. yay!


yay i think i’ve really gotten out of that frownie mood for now. was feeling high yesterday and doing stupid things. a sign that i’ve once again realised how unserious you should be about life.

i mean, i’m posting stupid posts now! as in silly ones. i think some of my depressed ones were stupid too. the point is, how long since you’ve seen silly posts on my journal? gah. anyway, i’m still feeling high (maybe it’s contaminated frozen pizza or something, remember eating some yesterday too) (as in frozen pizza, i’m not sure about the contamination bit) and rather happy! even though tomorrow’s a school day which makes me less happy.

anyway, here’s the n/a msg i just typed into icq to dissuade ppl from msging me while i pretend to do homework… rather proud of it, though i guess it’s not really that funny.

“maybe i’m doing homework.
and maybe if glance skyward NOW you’d see a passing pig.”

/w orchestra

i think solo guitarists who play with an orchestra as accompaniment are big cheats! i mean, getting a few dozen people to play in the background for you just to augment the niceness of your piece…

of course, it might also be that i’m jealous ‘cos i’d never be able to get an orchestra to play my background music. but that’s beside the point altogether.

oh no back to school

the holidays sure zoomed by swiftly. i never really noticed them at all… well, i’ve rested lots already, but haven’t really gotten into that ‘bored… nothing to do’ mood yet… so i don’t quite want it to end.

nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! school tomorrow!!!!!!!