Monthly Archives: February 2002

personality types

funny, never paid much attention to personality types (except maybe mine) till a recent surge of interest in psychology prompted me to look up the mbti details. and i actually think that in general a lot of the things they’ve reasoned up is so true. wonder why i’ve so disdainful of personality tests, they are after all the fruit of the university course i’m interested in. hmm.

that particular page i linked to, for example, seems to show why i’m so dissatisfied with life. how interesting. i’m what they label an ‘extreme’ personality type. haha. for example i’m supposed to “believe that an individual has the right to be themself, without having their attitudes and perspectives brought under scrutiny.” how true, how true.





i’ve discovered the value of putting aside what you believe in, fixing a big wide grin on your face, and pretending that life’s good.







-somewhat- blue

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i just love my new wallpaper. made it myself. kinda. well, there was a picture from which i’d used, but that’s not the point.

positively depressing isn’t it?


i’d like to rename this journal… Clarence’s Road of Self-Discovery.

'friendship' day

today’s been a day of both surprises and disappointments for me… surprise at how near-strangers can treat me so nicely, disappointment at how bo-chup ‘close friends’ can be.

i think i’ve figured out the main reason i’m such a loner. i’m a perfectionist. there are some people who open up to me, but because of some reason or another i choose not to accept them as good friends. mostly because there’s something about him or her which i just can’t quite accept fully. and those whom i choose to almost fully open myself up to… they don’t quite seem to accept me either.

bad luck on my part? i suck? i’ve no idea. the consequence is, i’ve close to zero really really good friends which i desire. since i treat friendship as a mini-falling-in-love-thing. a really good friend as desired by me would be one whom i am willing to make sacrifices for, and would do the same for me.

i wonder. if ever.

guestbook graffiti

how interesting. apparently, many many days ago, some bored person left crap on my old webpage’s guestbook! how fascinating. actually not really. it’s uninteresting graffiti, truthfully. how boring. and disappointing. is my guestbook not interesting enough to warrant interesting graffiti? blah.