Monthly Archives: January 2002


looking forward to… next friday… swensens with sec2 class!

-wait wait wait-



i’ve decided that i really need to think less about myself. i could probably lead such a more productive life helping other people instead.

which is why i now want to be a psychiatrist! i’ve always been interested in psychology, and now that like i’ve said the medicine faculty is open… i shall endeavour to study harder.

family is good. i actually talked to my mum today, and it helped. never mind if you think life is sucky, probably some things will be around to make you feel better, if only you search.

plastic smile

there was a boy with a plastic smile
some thought him happy, some thought him fake.

until the day they discovered it was due to rigor mortis.

deja vu

as the days go by, i feel more and more like i did last year at this point in time.


my art stinks

this is an example of my attempt at art. an attempted sp letter (letter for my angel, terminology you might be more familiar with) gone horribly wrong. oh heck, i’m sending it anyway. those 20min or so will not be for naught! -determined look- (plus, i can’t be bothered to do anything else)


something i got from a friend’s site. not too inaccurate i may add.

What Psych-Ward do you belong to?

raiders of the lost's fridge!

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today i decided that some of my transformers toys were getting a little stuffy in their boxes. so i’ve put them on top of my fridge (about the only display space i have in my room’s vicinity)! i shall be rotating their out-of-box time now and then, although the right-most one will be staying there more or less all the time since it doesn’t have a box. in case you wanted to know it’s Ruination from the new robots in disguise line, which i probably will not be buying from again. the only reason i have this item is that it’s a reissue of one of the old toys called Bruticus.

in front is Jetfire, and at the left, Devastator! now you know the names of 4 transformers. aren’t you happy?

louistan trivia

my favourite colours are blue, grey, black, and white, in that order! yay.

oh no i think i’m high. what’d i take? but i’m happy! whee!

school break

maybe i should skip school more often. seemed to improve my mood.

i’d started the day today relatively emotionless, which lasted all the way past noon… then i’d started feeling quite nice even though i was doing rather boring stuff (walking around) and didn’t manage to get my targeted pair of shoes and all. hmm.


you know the type of feeling when you’re feeling all sucky inside and don’t know why and wish someone would just care but nobody does because you haven’t told anyone so it’s actually all your fault and you know it and you still don’t tell anyone?

you don’t? oh, never mind then.