Monthly Archives: November 2001

all of my life

i think i’m starting to actually have a vague idea of the type of female i’m attracted to. character-wise she would be quite strong, as in able to be independent when the situation demands it. and she should be quite un-quiet. an extrovert i suppose, to fill up what i lack in that department…

looks-wise… nice hair and pretty eyes never hurt do they? =)



i’ve always wondered what my stance should be toward beggars. not the people who do busking alongside streets, or even those who go around selling tissue paper and polo sweets, but those who just request for money.

on one hand, it’s just money, and there’s really little loss parting with amounts lower than a dollar which seem to help contribute to the person’s next meal.

on the other hand, i’m never sure if all i’m doing is discouraging the person from taking up an honest job from which he might be able to earn enough to support himself.

glad i’m not a government official, i’d be stuck on whether or not to implement a state welfare system then.


there was a period of time i was very concerned with frankness and truthfulness. it was around sec3 when i felt that i was too accomodating and ended up giving everyone false impressions of myself. i then resolved to attempt to be brutally frank and truthful whenever possible.

i still tell the truth whenever it doesn’t hurt anybody else, but i’ve realised with horror that once more i am caught in a web of deceit i’ve spun, trapped within the iron masks i’ve forged around myself.


note of the day 1 – the little toe is a vulnerable little thing.

note of the day 2 – watch out for obstacles when swinging foot around wildly.

open road

right now i’m longing for a well-lit empty road with the occassional solitary vehicle roaring by. deep at night.

i just think it’s a very… nice… atmosphere…

a helping hand

you know, i rather enjoy being a counsellor… no mistake in spelling there, i mean the type who listens to problems and advises… not councillor as i am currently…

even though i suck at giving practical advice a lot of the time and could only say the principle i felt should be stuck to generally, and whatever advice i give is impractical to the most part, i enjoy listening to other people’s problems. most of the time. i enjoy being trusted enough to be told these problems too, but i’d rather think that i enjoy helping other people.

okay, bullshit. i enjoy being trusted like that… but i think i DO enjoy helping you guys too… so just shoot at me if u want… at the very least i’d lend a patient ear…

up and down the mountain

i’m finding my confidence in relationships in general a rollercoaster. not unlike sometime last year. strange thing is, i never really felt this type of thing before sec3. funny, huh.


is that it? is that all?
why’s there less purple
suddenly… and more red,
more blue?

take that telephone away from me please

i must be the only person in the world who hates the phone. not the handphone, which i use more as an sms machine, but the basic function of all phones which is to allow people to speak to each other without seeing each other.

i mean, i think it’s just horrible to use. i know many people think it’s more personal than typing, but i actually enjoy the isolation… the safety, the comfort, present in typing from behind the computer or phone…

on the other hand, i do enjoy personal communication too, in the form of face-to-face contact. i really enjoy those.

why, then, don’t i like using the phone? frankly, i’ve got no idea. just another weird anomaly of the louistan.

cheetah theory

i wonder if, when things proceed quickly, it must mean that the foundation is weak and it must topple sometime.

or if it just means things are proceeding quickly.