Monthly Archives: October 2001


you know what, the feeling of not liking a single girl is good. haha… i think i’d make a poor husband. bachelor-life, here i come!

on the other hand, bachelorship sure is good. i’m now free to play CS tmr with all my other bachelor friends. heh heh.


naughty me.

skipped school earlier. was too sleepy to roll out of bed.

really, though, the amount i need to sleep recently is atrocious. i think there might be something wrong with me. actually there is, but i wonder if that’s the reason.

oh well. anyway i’m off to sleep again now. hmm.

old games

shuang, just downloaded a couple of old games off the net. i know it’s not really morally correct, but heck, they’re OLD GAMES. my individual demand doesn’t quite reach the firm’s demand for them anyway, so i’m not really ruining the industry any.

still searching for star control 2 though… dumb thing is, i BOUGHT that game once, but lost it… so. well. no qualms there looking for a free version.

i’m over my crush. well, almost. i’m forcing it to happen. mainly because i believe she doesn’t reciprocate, and i don’t think our personalities are very suited for each other anyway. my taste is weird this year. not that the ppl i get crushes on are lousy, just that they’re totally wrong for me. as weining had noted.

strange how my favourite songs sometimes mirror my circumstances. right now i love u2’s “walk on”. another time, when an earlier crush kinda went together with someone i’d percieved as a close friend, my favourite song was 98 degrees’s “invisible man”.

maybe the song influences me. or maybe they’re just weird coincidences. or maybe i just like “poor-old-me-no-one-loves-me” type songs. hmm. well, maybe.


was eating tako pachi today. for those who don’t know about them, that’s the japanese octopus balls. i bought some bacon and cheese flavoured ones and happily walked towards my busstop in orchard road… opened the box and put one in my mouth…

started feeling. warmth. heat. it was piping hot. too piping hot. i wanted to spit it back on the box there and then, but hey, NO ONE spits food out in the middle of orchard road! so i swallowed it.

then, i had the distinctly unpleasant feeling of something warm travelling down my throat, gullet, and disappearing somewhere where i think my stomach is. it was like, something burning it’s way down me.


just a little tidbit off a mail i was typing.

what is love? i don’t rightly know, but i think it involves wishing the person is happy, even at the expense of your own happiness. basically. which explains why we can make sacrifices for those we ‘love’ right? i think

Guitar Quartet

yay. gonna form a quartet. we’re gonna enter singapore guitar festival 2003 and WIN the group category! whoohoo! assuming we beat the other skilled players, of course.

the only good thing is i’m among the lousiest in terms of skill in this group. haha… currently have 5 ppl including myself in this ‘quartet’. that’s not really a big problem, a bigger one is seeing if there’re at least 4 left by the time 2003 comes, seeing as how a couple of the others are interested in studying overseas.

the main problem is, of course, finding a suitable name for the quartet. names, names, how i hate thee.

oooh. aaah.

when all other de-stressing methods such as icq and pc/ps games fail to have much of an effect, music never fails (at least, so far.) whether heard or played.

i love my guitar. think i should name her someday. oh well. suffice to say that i like her very much and shall hang on to it for a couple of years to come at least.

me, myself. i!

something raised when discussing with sharon.

i’m not exactly the type to tell other people when i’m troubled. would prefer to solve things on my own… after all, most of the time i can, so why bother others with it? sometimes i find out i can’t, though, and i do share it. but sometimes (too many times) i find things i can’t solve which i believe others can’t either. so. these just get added to my personal cross.

then every now and then the cross gets too heavy and i snap. or i bow to its weight and get depressed. which is actually really unhealthy, since i sometimes actually enjoy the feeling of moping about and indulge in it.

weird. dumb.

emotional masochist.

i like!

was feeling extremely down today. not really sure why. i mean, i have rough ideas but not too sure which one it is.

open house evaluation managed to raise my spirits for awhile, the memories were good… mostly… but i think when bitterly talking about my committee i nearly cried or something. sucks. hope less ppl noticed. but i know at least weiyi and sharon did. hmm. guess it was obvious.

sharon went to consult me later… quite liked that. as in, that someone noticed… i didn’t really think about it (and had forgotten about it) by the end of the meeting, so was quite surprised/touched when she asked me about it.

think i’m starting to really like sharon… like a jiejie lydat… kinda. now if only she wasn’t so irritating at times =P

i also like lying on ppl’s shoulders. haha… wonder if i can find a girl who likes this role reversal. was lying on zhaoqing’s just now on a cab… can’t do it to girls (for obvious reasons) and can’t do it in buses or mrts cos it seems gay. haha… i so care about image at times. but i think it’s a nice comfortable feeling. somehow. or the other.

oh well. time to sleep summore… have been requiring SO much sleep lately… wonder why. used to be able to stay up a lot and still have energy for the next day… or maybe i’ve burnt up all my reserves in secondary school or something. hmm. i love to sleep.

ask any of my secondary school classmates to quote me, and the first two phrases you’d hear are “i’m hungry” or “i’m sleepy”. gosh, i sound like a pig.

guess i am… but it’s just so fun to pig! haha… oh man sometimes i just wish for the good old days. sometimes i wish my whole bunch of friends came to the same jc as me. whatever that is. sure, i wouldn’t have met all my new friends, but well.

(some of them read this i think, so it’s not safe to continue this line of thought =P)

oh well. i like ppl caring for me, i like sleeping on ppl’s shoulders, i like sleeping, i like eating, and i like my secondary school friends. obviously other things i like, but those are the foremost for this night.

i like.


still in a dilemma. about the 2 girls thing. i know one of their points of view at least, i’m wondering whether to tell the other… if nothing more, it’d be constructive criticism of her. however, neither seems to want to rebuild their friendship… at all… so. well.